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Blogger's Quilt Festival - Primavera 2011 / Spring 2011

 Como algunas ya sabréis, Amy del blog Amy's Creative Side organiza dos veces al año el Blogger's Quilt Festival. En Otoño de 2010 participé por primera vez con este quilt ¿os acordais? El tiempo vuela y ha empezado ya el Blogger's Quilt Festival de Primavera 2011, así que aquí os enseño esta colcha que acabo de terminar.

 Amy at Amy's Creative Side organices a Blogger's Quilt Festival twice a year. In Fall 2010 I participated for the first time with this quilt. Do you remember? Now it is time for Spring 2011 Blogger's Quilt Festival and I would like to show you this quilt I just finished.

 La pobre colcha lleva varios meses casi terminada esperando que le añada el borde exterior. Os había hablado de ella aquí. Este fin de semana me puse y ¡en un par de horas estaba terminada! :)

 The poor quilt has been waiting for months for me to bind it... I have shown you the top here. And then this weekend I decided to finish it and in a couple of hours I had the binding done... :)

Como anécdota os contaré que quería este quilt para el sofá de nuestra casa en el pueblo, pero ahora que lo tengo terminado mi chico me ha preguntado si podemos quedarnoslo para nosotros... :D Hace tiempo que le he prometido hacerle un quilt para él, y cuando terminé éste me preguntó: "¿este es el mío?" y yo le dije, "¿no te parece un poco demasiado rosa?" y me dijo "NO" ;) Así que de momento nos quedamos con él en el sofá de casa, para acurrucarnos mientras vemos un peli :) ... Esto no quita que aún tengo que hacerle un quilt a él :))

 A funny thing about the quilt: I made it for the couch in our country house, but now that it is finished my boyfriend asked me if we could keep it for us at home... :D I promised to make a quilt for him some time ago, and when I finished this one he asked: "Is this my quilt?" and I said: "Don't you think it is a little bit too much pink for you?" and he said "NO" ;) So, for the moment, the quilt will stay with us and keep us company when we are watching a movie on the couch :)) And I still have to make a quilt for my boyfriend anyway :))

Y éste es mi ayudante :)
And this is my assistant :)

 Si queréis echar un vistazo a otros quilts que han participado no tenéis más que pinchar en el icono (¡que además hace juego con la colcha!) :)) ¡¡Hay cosas realmente preciosas!! ¡Si os dais prisa aún podéis participar pero queda muy poquitoooo...! ¡¡Podéis ganar premios muy interesantes!!

 You might want to have a look at the quilts of other participants. Just click on the button below (which, by the way, matches perfectly with my quilt!) :)) There are plenty of beautiful quilts!! You can still participate but you have to hurry up...!! There are yummy prizes to win!!

Amy's Creative Side

Y ahora os dejo que me voy de picnic ;)
I have to leave now... I am going on a picnic ;)

Hasta pronto.
Talk to you soon.

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  1. Beautiful quilt Silia! I love your photos, especially the second last one! I'm pleased your boyfriend likes it.

  2. What a beautiful quilt and a gorgeous photo shoot!

  3. Wonderful quilt and very cute photography too. I may have to try placing one of my quilts in my bike basket, that shot is just adorable.

  4. What a beautiful quilt. i love the photo with the quilt on the bridge. Happy snuggling!

  5. A beautiful quilt, I love your photos.

  6. What a wonderful quilt. It is so beautiful that your boyfriend wanted it to stay close by.

  7. Me encanta tu colcha. Los colores son muy brillantes.

  8. pretty colors. good job
    . congratulations
    Photos are excellent

  9. Silvia, you are so talented! The quilt is perfect and beautiful and definitely an *I want* moment! And the photos are stunning!

  10. "Pieces of sunshine" Thank you! You should see my boyfriend on the couch happy with his pink quilt! ;)
    Thank you for your comment Hollie :)
    Kathy, thank you! I love photos with quilts and bikes! I would love to see yours ;)
    Nicole thank you! The photo on the bridge is one of my favorites too :)
    "Stitchinpenny" Thank you :) He now denies it ;)
    Marg, thank you so much for visiting and for your comment! :)
    Becky at The thompsons, Muchas gracias :)
    Andrea thank you! I am glad you like my photos :)
    Joana thank you! You are so sweet :)